A Note from Jack

April 28, 2012

Believe it or not, Jack may have had some help with his blog to this point.  It was tough for him to type it all out in utero and for the first couple of years.  After a long hiatus though, he’s back.  And this time, the content is all him.  His little sister is due in a few days so we’re setting up a new family blog.  He’s old enough now (and talks more than enough!) to share some thoughts of his own.  So here is a message directly from Jack’s lips (I helped type):

I have a baby coming soon.  She is going to be a girl.  I think her name should be Cindy Lou Who.  I think that is funny.  (giggle, giggle)  I want to be a big brother.  When my sister comes, I want to give her a mobile.  I hung it with my daddy.  She is coming on May 9th (note from dad…actually, she’s coming no later than May 3rd…but Jack goes by her original due date).  I’m so excited!