I Just Turned Two!!!

At about 10:30 tonight I officially two years old!  Can you believe it.  It seems like only yesterday I was only one…well I guess it was yesterday.

For those of you checking, I have obviously not been posting much.  I’ve been a little busy practicing my colors and numbers, learning my ABCs, and even learning to take a shower.  So many things for a boy my age to work on.  However, I’m not exactly a hermit.  If you really want to keep up with me you can check out some highlights from every one of my 24 months in my web photo albums.  You can also check me out in all of my glory at my official YouTube page

Maybe one day I’ll end up posting a little more often like I once did but man I did I have it easy back then.  It’s simple to post every day when all you do is eat, sleep, drool and…well we’ll leave it at that.  I’ll close with a little clip from my evening with mom and pops.  We had us a little pizza and I watched what what essentially my first movie, a little flick called Madagascar.  I lauged through the whole thing.  Two toddler thumbs up!

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