#10 Swings, Slides and Everything Else

For my final 10 for 10 post, recapping a few  highlights from the past few months (mainly the ones that have the best video/pics) I thought I’d just show you a few fun clips of me playing.  That’s right.  I’m getting old.  I can play now.  I know, I know.  I probably shouldn’t get too cocky.  I’ve only been to a playground a couple of times but I can tell already…I’m going to be good.  Of course, I’ve been good in my own swing for a long time now:

But late this fall my horizons were broadened to include all kinds of other fun playground paraphernalia.  I’ve tried several other types of swings, some slides and lots of other fun stuff. 

Dear Local Playgrounds,

Look out this spring.  The Jack Man is coming for you and you’ll never be the same again!


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