#7 Christmas Recap

It’s been a fun first Christmas.  It all started with a fun afternoon at church.  I hung out with some entertaining people and celebrated Jesus’ Birthday with friends.  Then mom and dad let me play with some of the candles they had on stage.  Don’t worry though, they were battery operated. 

We had a number of family gatherings and I got lots of things that light up, play music and keep me in a non-stop state of ADD bliss.  Of course, since I’m a pretty mellow and focused guy, it’s a little overkill but I’m really grateful for all of the fun gifts anyway.  I’m working on a toy rotation right now to make sure they all get played with.  We don’t want anything getting left out.  I also got some really cool books and some fun clothes so I’ll continue to look as stylish as ever.

I had a lot of fun times at different Christmas celebrations with family and friends.  There was lots of eating, napping, cuddling and crawling.  And of course there were lots of laughs.  I especially found it amusing one time in particular when my uncle Marc was tossing a can of playdoh in the air.  Not sure why it was so funny but since when do I need an excuse to laugh?

Essentially though, Christmas this year for me was all about one thing…paper!

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