Vacation Day 2

August 11, 2009

Today was day two of our little trip down to St. Louis.  Here are some highlights of my day.

I woke up and relaxed for a while in my PJs with my parents in their huge bed.  I was going to have a cup of coffee but then I realized coffee is gross…and I’m less than six months old.  I had some milk instead.

Jack Month 6 021

Next I headed out into the world of commerce.

Jack Month 6 179

There are so many amazing things at a wonderful place called…the mall.

Jack Month 6 196

Once we were done at the mall doing our usual looking but not buying (my parents call this window shopping…I call it stupid), we headed back to the pool to take a swim.

Jack Month 6 049

I had a blast!

Jack Month 6 069

Mom and Dad taught me all about pool safety, how to swim and how not to dive after shallow girls into the shallow end of the pool.

Jack Month 6 120

For a while there I was having an intense, Lion King moment…

Jack Month 6 137

…only to be interrupted by my goofy dad.

Jack Month 6 145

Eventually, I had to have a talk with the old man.

Jack Month 6 127

Then I said a little prayer for the poor guy.  It must be tough being that strange.

Jack Month 6 222

This one is for posterity.  My first ever shriveled up, post-swimming, raisin foot.

Jack Month 6 146

The rest of the day was spent lounging around at the hotel.

Jack Month 6 159

I did some light calisthenics.

Jack Month 6 164

Followed by some light hand munching before we headed to dinner with some friends.

Jack Month 6 174

We had a great time at dinner and I was ready to party afterward.

Jack Month 6 235

But my parents insisted we head to bed.

Jack Month 6 255

Now that I think about it, maybe I do need some sleep.  I’m feeling pretty loopy!

Jack Month 6 259

It’s been a crazy day!