Mom, Dad & I took a quick trip down to St. Louis for a few days.  We were just hanging out in the hotel room when suddenly, my parents had a crazy idea.

Jack Month 6 003

They started putting some funny underwear on me (not that I really minded).

Jack Month 6 024

Then they added some new shorts.  It’s all good though.  Cool new clothes are always fun.  However, these seemed a little different somehow.  I’ve been reading some books about different animals and I know elephants have trunks…but why would you put trunks on me?

Jack Month 6 032

We went into this big room with what looked like a giant bathtub.  Dad jumped in and took me with him!

Jack Month 6 037

I wasn’t sure what to think at first but I got the hang of this whole swimming thing pretty quickly.  Here is my butterfly.  While the pool wasn’t quite olympic size, I do think I could hold my own against Michael Phelps in the 100 fly in a few years.

Jack Month 6 051

Here I am working on my abs of steel.  Check out those leg lifts!

Jack Month 6 063

Once Mom jumped in, things really started to pick up.  She’s so much fun.  That girl makes me smile every time!

Jack Month 6 071

Here I am showing Dad some of the finer points of thumb sucking.  I could probably earn a gold medal in that event, too.

Jack Month 6 085

Mommy sometimes thinks I can walk on water.  While I’m occasionally inclined to believe her, it didn’t quite work out this time.

Jack Month 6 139

So I went back to swimming.

Jack Month 6 142

…and sucking my thumb.

Jack Month 6 125

All in all, it was a pretty good experience.  We got dried off…

Jack Month 6 102

Then Dad couldn’t help but take a few more pictures.

Jack Month 6 099

Back at the room I became acquainted with this blue spa towel.    He was grrrreat!

Jack Month 6 151

Later, I could have sworn I heard him say something about my mom so I had to rough him up a bit.

Jack Month 6 160

For more on my adventures in the great bath tub of life, check out this video below.  You can see even more on YouTube…video 2, video 3 and video 4.  I think video 3 may be my favorite.  Mommy was so much fun that I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling.

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