Bouncing and Laughing

June 29, 2009

Jack Month 5 0091

Amazing day today.  We went to church this morning which is always fun.  I did lots of hand chewing, my new favorite pastime, at least when Mom & Dad allow it.

This afternoon I had a welcomed distraction from all of the chewing I’ve been doing on my digits.  My Mom played a little bouncing game with me and it was AWESOME.  Check it out in this little video below.

Behind the Scenes – Month 4

June 26, 2009

You might take a quick snapshot of my life and assume that it is all kicks and giggles…and breast milk.  But in reality I’m doing a lot of hard work here.  A body like this is like a finely tuned machine.  It takes constant work to keep it in top shape.  Plus I figure working out will help me with some of my goals for the future, i.e. running a marathon, playing linebacker and hopefully one day sitting up on my own.

There are days that I push myself so hard, with such intensity, that I just lose control.  For the unfortunate person training with me, that often leaves a mess.


As my days have gotten busier I’ve had less time to post to the blog but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on everything I’ve been up to over the last month.  Check out my portfolio from month four for some great shots that may have never made it up to the website until now. 

Happy 1st Father’s Day!

June 25, 2009

The other day I mentioned the gift Mom and I made for Dad on Father’s Day.  I finally found time to put it online.  You’d be amazed how busy you can get with eating, sleeping, slobbering and general baby revelry.

Fathers Day

Hi, Daddy.

Mommy and I think you’re TERRIFIC!! You are the best Dad in the world, so we wanted to make you something special for Dad’s Day.

Fathers Day (2)

I often scratch my head when I consider how AWESOME you are, Daddy-O.  How do you manage to be so great all the time?

Fathers Day (3)

I really LOOK UP TO YOU a lot.  Mommy says that you’ll teach me how to be a GREAT MAN as I get older.  There are many things I CAN’T WAIT to do with you.

Fathers Day (4)

I’m ENAMORED by technology.  I hear you have mad TECH SKILLZ.  I look forward to playing games with you on the computer.  Can you teach me to calculate a mortgage payment, too?

Fathers Day (5)

I’ll soon be big enough play in the yard and roll in the grass.  I want to chase you and rough house with you, Daddy. (right now, I still don’t care much for the sun!)

Fathers Day (6)

Mommy tells me you understand and follow God’s Word.  Will you help me grasp John 3:30?

Fathers Day (7)

If you can help me CHEW ON GOD’S WORD I’d greatly appreciate it!

Fathers Day (8)

Scripture is tough for a little guy like me.  It’s complex and scary stuff, Dad.  It makes me feel better to know you’ll help me understand what God wants from me & explain how to live it out.

Fathers Day (9)

I’m JAZZED about playing catch and going to ball games with you, Dad.  Mom even let me wear this stinking cool CARDINAL jersey in your honor.

Fathers Day (10)

As you can tell by the picture, I’m ECSTATIC about playing games with you!

Fathers Day (11)

Daddy + Games + Jack Man = Fun + Smiles

Fathers Day (12)

But remeber… I may try to get in the LAST WORD during the Father-Son competitions.  *I’ll try not to make you look bad, old man!

Fathers Day (13)

I suspect that hanging out in the Jr. High minister’s office may be one of my FAVORITE things to do.

Fathers Day (14)

I love pretending to be you in this big, comfy, leather work chair.  I want to be just like you someday, Daddy.

Fathers Day (15)

Thanks for taking such good care of Mommy and I, Papa Bear.  You always play it cool, but we know it takes a lot of work and intentional effort to provide for and lead our family so well.  You just make it look easy.

Fathers Day (16)

Maybe you can teach me to PREACH A GOOD SERMON when I’m older… or at least eat gross things like all great jr. high ministers do.

Fathers Day (17)

I really LOVE this microphone… and YOU!!

Fathers Day (18)

In fact… I’d choose to be in your group any time!

Fathers Day (19)

I appreciate the way you help people in need.  I’m sure I’ll appreciate that even more as I get older and am able to serve with you.

Fathers Day (20)

Just Add JACK!!

Fathers Day (21)

I also greatly anticipate the day we can go to the park and play on the playground TOGETHER!

Fathers Day (22)

…when I’m better able to stay awake.  🙂

Fathers Day (23)

There just aren’t enough words, pages or pictures to describe how I feel about you, Daddy.  You’re a great guy and a fantastic father.  I couldn’t ask for more and our future together is bright.

Fathers Day (24)



Mommy and Your Little Man

Fathers Day (25)

Father’s Day

June 22, 2009

Father’s Day at our house was a two day celebration.  Yesterday, on the official Father’s Day, we all went downtown for some Cold Stone.  I had fun at first but just the thought of so much sweet, sweet dairy in one place sent me into a lactose coma. 

Jack Month 4 002

After the ice cream, I’ve been told we walked around the Old State Capitol for a while.  I’m sure it was fun but I was dreaming of some of the sweet goodness my dad posted about on his blog a while back. 


Today I hung out with my Mommy while Dad was at work.  We made his favorite dinner (Chicken Marsala) and then gave him the gift Mom and I had been working on for the last week or so.  It is a book of pictures with fun little notes we wrote for him.  It’s pretty long but I’ll try to get at least an excerpt posted here sometime soon.

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

My First Wedding

June 21, 2009

I went to my first wedding this weekend.  My aunt, Andi married my new uncle, Aki and now they’re going to live happily ever after.   It was an outdoor wedding and everything looked amazing, even if it was a little hot.  I did great through the whole thing, if I do say so myself.

My immediate family all had a role to play.  My Dad was the official wedding photographer, my mom was the official wedding photographer’s assistant and I was the entertainment while people waited to be photographed.  It is a pretty easy gig.  You just sit in your stroller and look cute.  Dad tried it and wasn’t quite as successful though, so maybe it does take some talent.


A few people were concerned my Dad would end up turning the camera on me all day (I think they may have seen the blog before).  But in the end he managed to stay focused and took some fantastic photos of a great wedding.  Congrats Andi & Aki!




Super Jack

June 14, 2009

Bumbo Time

June 13, 2009

I’ve already developed many life skills but one I have yet to master is the art of sitting up.  To help me harness the power of holding up my own body I’ve been working out with a very high tech piece of equipment.  It’s called a Bumbo.  Not sure why it’s called that.  I guess power gym and soloflex were already taken.  I least Bumbo sounds cooler than BP2, a.k.a. Blue Plastic Butt Pad. 

Jack Month 4 015

Side thought: Why are my feet so big?

Jack Month 4 016

What big feet I have.  What big eyes I have…

Jack Month 4 008

What a big smile I have!

Jack Month 4 010

I wonder how many dots are on this thing anyway?  1…1…1…1 

I really have to learn how to count higher than this.

A Late Night Chat…in HD

June 8, 2009

I was beginning to think that the photography was slowing down.  I’m over 3 months old now so I figured surely Mom and Dad wouldn’t be quite so trigger happy anymore.  Boy was I wrong!  They’re now recording me in HD.  We had to sit down and have a chat the other night because it is just getting ridiculous.  It’s one thing to be snapping shots and recording me all of the time but is the high definition really necessary?  I’m only like two fee tall.  Do you really need to see me in 720p resolution?

I guess I won’t blame them too much.  It is tough for standard definition to contain all of my cuteness.  Now we’ll see if the high definition can come close.

Oh Blogger, Where Art Thou?

June 7, 2009

Up until a few days ago, I’d blogged every day of my life.  That’s right, my first 100 days got almost as much press as President Obama’s.  It’s been a lot of fun.  But as I get older, I’m learning that over time everything must change.

As I think through topics for blogging, there are plenty out there but I’m not sure they’ll be daily from here on out.  While it is exciting to hear about the first time I rolled over, I’m not sure anyone will care about the 23rd time I roll over.  My first time shaking a rattle on my own was cool but unless I start playing the rattle in a punk band I doubt it will be as interesting in subsequent days. 

So as fun as the first 100 days have been, I think my posts will probably slow down a little.  Don’t get me wrong, there will still be plenty of fun to be had, it just might not be daily.  See you back here tomorrow!  (…or the next day)


100 Days!

June 4, 2009

Thats right.  I’m celebrating my 100th day today.  This morning Dad and I put together this little video using one picture from each day of my life.  Enjoy!