Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’

May 31, 2009

I rolled over today.  You’d think with all of the cameras around they would have caught it on video but I guess things like that are tough to catch on film.  Even though my parents missed recording the big event, they decided to record the “I rolled over a minute ago but now I’m just chilling” video instead.  It isn’t quite the same.  It’s kind of like winning the lottery and dying the next day or getting a death row pardon two minutes too late.  It just seems a little…ironic.

I’m not sure what is up with me tonight.  I sound like some kind of Canadian alternative rock diva from the nineties.  Anyway, in case you’re interested, here is the video the parents were able to get.


A Grunt and a Smile

May 30, 2009

Jack Attack

May 29, 2009

 It was Friday Night Fights at the Sandel home and Jack Attack was ready to rumble. 


 In true Hulk like fashion, my shirt ripped open to expose my bulging muscles.


 And of course, I had to break out the crazy eyes.


 I was going to take it easy on good old Dad (I don’t want him to break a hip or anything) but then he got all up in my face.


 From that point on, it was every infant for himself.


  I pounced right on him and he didn’t know what hit him.


My legs may be small but you do NOT want to get caught in the scissor hold.


Then I displayed Jack Attack’s signature move…the dreaded Barfinator!


 No one can withstand the sheer force of my body and Dad was quickly down for the count.


 And I emerged victorious.  Jack Attack wins again!


Thankfully no broken hips for Dad.  Maybe just a little bruised pride.

An Open Letter to My Preacher

May 28, 2009

I recently wrote this little encouragement note for our Senior Minister, Eddie.  Rather than just send it to him, I thought I’d share with everyone. 

Hi, Eddie. 

Jack Sandel here.  Hope you’re having an enjoyable weekend.  Just wanted to touch base and tell you a quick story.


I wore this snazzy shirt a few weeks ago.  People told me I looked like Rick Warren.  My parents explained he’s a famous author and preacher.  They’re trying to expose me to biblical teaching early, so they loaded a Rick Warren message onto my IPod.


Now, Eddie, I’ve got to tell you something.  Rick Warren was decent, but I don’t know what all the fuss is about. 


Long story short, I knew that if God was good, there had to be better teaching out there somewhere.

Next, my dad suggested I might enjoy one of his favorite storytellers:  Donald Miller.


I’m telling you, man.  That stuff was TERRIBLE.  Donald Miller makes babies cry.

Then, my mom told me about a preacher I might really like.  She loaded a West Side message onto my pod.


I said, “Whoa.  Who is this guy?  This is a preaching style of whole new proportions.  I’ve never heard anything like this before!”

My Dad said, “Little guy, that’s your pal, Eddie.” 


“That’s good stuff,” I responded with a smile.  “Hit me with some more of that!”

Eddie, I’ve got to tell you something. 


You are one cool cat.  And, that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

From that moment on, I vowed never to wear a Hawaiian shirt again. 


I’ve moved up in the world.  I’m sporting the Eddie Lowen golf shirt from here on out.

You’re my favorite preacher dude.
Yours Truly,

Jack T. Sandel

Happy Birthday Mommy!

May 27, 2009

My mom had a birthday today.  I was going to ask how old she is now but my dad said it isn’t polite to ask women that question.  All I know is she is OLD.  Oh wait, now Dad is saying I’m not supposed to say that either.  Good grief, I’ve got to have something to write about!  How about I make up a fun story problem like the ones you probably did back in school when you weren’t so old adults.

If Jack is 3 months old and Jack’s “not old but simply more advanced in years” mother is 112 times older than he is, how many years old is Jack’s mom?  Give up?  Me too.  I don’t think I have that many fingers and toes.

My parents went out for a while without me to celebrate Mom’s birthday but I didn’t mind because Miss Jessica came over to play with me and we had a blast!  We did exercises, told stories and I even got in a little drool time with her (I’m pretty sure it was just me drooling but I won’t hold that against her).  As you can see, I even left a few spit remnants on her shoulder.  Miss Jessica rocks!

Anyway, it was an all around great night.  Happy Birthday Mom!  You’ll never be XX years old again.

Jack Month 4 005

Behind The Scenes: Week 11/12+

May 26, 2009

The sheer quantity of pictures may have dropped off in the last month or two but I promise the 24/7 photo shoot that is my life continues.  To capture my essence in new ways my parents have taken to photographing me from unique angles…even if that means using funky mirrors that make me look bloated or trying to get pictures while we’re driving.  (Note: Dad wants me to make sure everyone knows he wasn’t dumb enough to shoot while actually driving.)




For many more great shots of me, and a few that might not have quite made the cut for the blog, check out my portfolio from week eleven and week twelve.  Week twelve has a few bonus days because in the future I’ll be posting these behind the scenes shots once a month (rather than every two weeks) and I needed to wrap up this month. 

Easily Impressed

May 25, 2009

Want to know how to impress your parents?  It’s simple.  Just do something new.  For example, today I was minding my own business, chilling on the floor like usual when I accidentally picked up my toy and shook.  You’d have thought I had just negotiated a Middle East peace treaty or something.  Sheesh!

To give my parents a little credit, I’ve never picked up something on my own before (unless you count picking up chicks).