My Favorite Colors

There is just something about the combination of orange and blue that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Up until last night, I wasn’t sure why. 

Last night my parents and I went home from the hospital.  It was cool seeing my house and my room for the very first time.  I might talk more about that sometime later but the highlight of the night was soon after we got home.  My parents found some of my sweet orange and blue clothes (my mom was wearing some too…just one more reason she ROCKS!) and made our way downstairs.  They push a few buttons and all the sudden the room was filled with wonderful orange and blue.  As you can see I was playing it cool but I was ecstatic on the inside.


Eventually I could not contain myself any longer.  As I was surrounded by all of the orange and blue and as I heard the cheers around me an overwhelming passion welled up inside me.  I couldn’t resist.  I had to shout out: ILL…!


Strong work my Illini brothers.  1-0 on my watch.  Keep it up.  I expect an undefeated lifetime from here on out.

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