And my name is…

February 25, 2009

My parents told me that I had to keep my name a secret until I was born.  I tried to get the word out as much as I could a couple of weeks ago in my Say My Name post but all I could really do was give a few clues. 


Since then I’ve heard all kinds of guesses.  Several people thought Levi or Isaac.  Some called me Josh and Luke.  Another friend put in a few guesses based on what he thought he saw in the nail positions and he said names like Jake or Jack.  There were many other good guesses too.  But only now, having emerged from my 9+ month spa treatment, can I reveal my true name. 

Any my name is…


That’s right Josh, you were right on track.  My name is Jack Titus Sandel.  That’s it.  Say it loud and say it proud, people!

Mom and Dad have told me a little about why they named me Jack Titus.  I guess Jack is of Hebrew origin and it means “God has been gracious.”  Titus is of Greek and Latin origin and it means “Hero” or “Defender.”  Titus is also one of my mom’s favorite books of the Bible.  It begins, “To Titus, my true son in our common faith: Grace and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Savior.”  It is written to a young man who was working as a missionary under the direction of Paul and it talks a lot about learning to do what is good and how to be a strong leader in the church.  It also teaches about how to live a life of purity, focus and how to make God proud.  I guess those are things my parents think are important for me.

One more time, say it loud, “Jack Titus”!  Represent.

Hello World!

February 25, 2009