Artsy Video

January 19, 2009

Things are getting REALLY tight in here.  I’ve been in here for 35 plus weeks and as nice as it is, I think I’m ready to expand my horizons.  I’ve been getting a little more pushy with mom lately but I guess I’ll try to be patient…for now.

I didn’t make this but some buddies of mine are featured in this cool “embryo” video.  It is kind of artsy and I’m not sure the director is a Christian but the shots they’ve put together are really beautiful.  It is a neat comparison of the formation of a child and the history of the world.  The end is pretty pessimistic (what is that all about) but has some pretty neat shots of by buddies so I thought I’d pass it on.

The link above has a much higher quality video but the one below will work too.  It is just more grainy.

A Few Remarks…

January 12, 2009

I hit 34 weeks a couple of days ago.  I’m not sure what the big deal with 34 weeks is but there has been A LOT of hullabaloo this weekend.  There we several parties and I got lots of sweet stuff! 

Because so many people planned such nice stuff just for me I thought I should say a few words.  My friend Cindy Lash, from mom & dad’s church, helped me with a few remarks.  They’re longer than usual but if you’re interested, here they are.

Dear Mom:

I don’t’ want you to get weirded out or anything (and it’s OK to cry just a little bit) but I think you should know what an amazing experience it has been for me these past several months.  You’ve really been very cool about God’s whole plan to send people to earth, you know!  And, I just got to look at God’s report card entitled, “PREPARING MELISSA SANDEL TO BE A MOM,” and you are getting all A’s!  (I heard you’ve been like that your whole life in school and stuff – so I’m really not surprised!)  J

But, boy am I proud!

I can hardly wait to meet you.  I’ve been sending you lots of signals – are you picking up on them?  It’s getting a little crowded in here and these long legs are getting a bit cramped; but, it won’t be long now!  Are you getting as excited as I am?  And what about that guy God picked to be my dad?  Is he jazzed?  I heard he’s like “off the chart” about being my dad and I can’t wait learn how to swallow goldfish!!  I understand my favorite colors are ORANGE and BLUE and it’s already understood that I have to yell I N I every time Dad looks at me and says I L L!!!  What’s up with that?  I’ll need a bit more explanation ~ but I’m cool!  And won’t it be fun when I’m in junior high and get to just hang out with Dad ALL THE TIME!  I know, I know… that’s a few years away, but I hear a lot of people down there say TIME REALLY FLIES… THAT should be fun to watch!

How did I get to be so lucky?

Actually, I know it’s not luck, Mom!  I know it’s God’s plan for us to be called the Sandel Family.  (By the way, will we get teased about being called the Sandel Family)?  Is someone at that baby shower going to give you a pair of sandals for me to wear?  Hey, I’ll leave it up to you to tell me how to handle all the Sandel jokes, OK?

I still can’t get over what an amazing way God chooses to show up on earth!  There is really something very special about coming to earth as a baby… and when God decided to do that Himself, I’m sure He was pretty excited about His plan.  But, mom, doesn’t it make you sad that so many people didn’t get excited about Him coming down there?  I mean, look at you today…

You are surrounded with all kinds of excitement just in this one room!!  And, I hear that I better get prepared to meet some pretty “pumped up women”!  Let’s see… I know there are a couple of ladies I’m supposed to call “Grandma”… Grandma Jan… are you sitting there with a tissue?  I know you’ve been practicing on lots of other kids teaching them all kinds of things so I hope you haven’t run out of things to teach me!!  Grandma Margaret, are you thinking this is pretty cool to have another boy in your life?  After all, I get to run around with that Sandel name (somebody said that’s a really big deal for Grandpa ‘cause I’ll be “carrying on the name”… not sure what all that means but I hope I do a good job!)  But, just one more question, if you two are supposed to be the greatest grandmas on earth – where does this other GREAT-Grandma fit in?  I heard she’s got a name that has “ANGEL” in it so I’m really excited to meet her!

Let’s see… there’s tons of other people down there that can’t wait to meet me I hear!  I am going to have to practice all these funny names… like those girls that want me to call them AN AUNT???  God already showed me an ant and they are teeny tiny and don’t look like much fun!  But I hear these two, Aunt Heather and Aunt Andi, are just dying to SPOIL ME… THAT sounds like a fun word!  It’ll be there soon, aunties, so hang on!

And what’s up with this lady writing this letter for me who thinks she can be called an “office grandma”?  I’ve never even heard of that!  WOW, there’s so many things to learn!  CONFESSION: I’ve been having some fun that you don’t know about, yet, like calling two of your BFF’s by their first name because I know you’re going to make me call them Mrs. Spear and Mrs. Mulvany when I get there!!  Boy, are they going to be fun!  J

And, this special lady everybody calls Miss Jessica?  I hear she’s one of the very first people (other than you and Dad of course) to tell me about Jesus!  THAT is very, very cool and yes, Mom, I promise to behave in the “Green House” during worship time!

But, Mom… I am REALLY ready for you to tell me about all these other people.  God told me they love and care about you and Dad and so they pray for me and they haven’t even met me yet.  How great is that?  Sounds like I’m not going to miss the angels too much because God has already sent some down there to take care of our family!  Do I call all of them Mr. and Mrs. Church, or do they have separate names?  …Oh, I can’t wait to see the PRESENTS they bought me today… OOPS, I’ll be I wasn’t suppose to say that, was I, mom?  Can we just call it a ‘boy thing’ today??

Mom, I’m SOOOOO proud of you!  When God showed me a picture of you and told me how He picked you just for me, I couldn’t believe it!  You are pretty amazing!  You’ve been eating really good stuff for me (THANKS!)  You’ve been taking good care of your body and you never stop running around!  Don’t you get tired?  I do!  But I like it when people rub your tummy  – it makes me feel all cozy!  J

I hear you read everything you can and you ask lots of question and you want to do everything just right so you’ll be a good mom!  All that for me???  Wow, remind me to give you a BIG hug!!!

(Oh, by the way, you may have to wait awhile for that hug ‘cause when I get there… really all I want to do for a while is eat and sleep and poop in my diaper – is that OK?)  It’s kinda stressful getting here to earth so God is giving me a break for a few months before I have to learn the hard stuff like please and thank you and “BE YE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER”!

Well, Mom… I don’t know about you but this party idea is really making me sleepy!  All those ladies and all that laughing and all this talking!  WHEW!  (Oh, but that brunch tasted pretty great – thanks!)

Gotta go – God says I need to get ready for an amazing journey!  He won’t give me all the details and I think that’s OK… I just know that before too long I’m supposed to come into an awesome place called earth, I better get ready for all kinds of pictures and people trying to hold me and make me smile!  I hear they say really weird things to babies and some of their words don’t make any sense; but, I promise I’ll be a good boy and I’ll smile on cue!  How’s that?

Most of all, Mom, I want to thank you and Dad for being so pumped up about meeting me.  God has heard all your prayers and He really gets happy when He sees you reading that big book about Him because He and I both know that as long as you do that, you’ll find all the answers to life’s toughest questions and you’ll have a map that shows you exactly how to get to this wonderful place called HEAVEN!  Meanwhile, I gotta run, Mom… these next few days are going to be “doozies.”  Keep smiling at Dad and don’t yell at him in the hospital if I make you hurt, OK?  I think they say you’ll forget ALL ABOUT IT when you see my face!  J

OH, and one more thing… can I tell them my name, please, please?  OK OK… that’ll be our little secret for now!  I love you, mom!  Did you feel me kick?  That’s my cool way of saying “HEY”!!!