Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes

August 12, 2008

I promised you pictures so I wanted to make sure I got those for everyone but I don’t feel like they really do me justice.  I mean, you can see my beautiful face, but you get so much more when you actually see me strike a pose.  At one point you can even see me with my awesome “blue steel” pose

Pay no attention to the voices in the background.  That is just my parents and the doctor talking about how great I am.  On second thought, maybe you should pay attention because, hey, I guess I am pretty great.  In fact, I believe I heard both the words “great” and “perfect” in reference to myself.  You can’t hear it on the video but they also say I am very humble.

Photo Shoot

August 12, 2008

Last time I posted I told you that I’d publish some new photos soon.  Today I finally found a good photographer who could handle the unique challenges of my current residence.  They may not be the most glamorous shots in the world but they capture my likeness pretty well.  The first photo is my head shot (you can even see my smile if you look close).  The middle shot is actually a picture of my heart rate, an odd pose I know, but I feel that really represents my inner self.  The final shot is a full body portrait, all 57 centimeters (2+ inches) of me.

12 Weeks!

August 8, 2008

So I’ve been a little busy over the past few weeks and I haven’t had a chance to update.  A couple weeks ago I officially became a fetus so that was big for me.  I bent my arms for the first time and I’ve started using some crazy new parts of my body like my liver, kidneys and intestines.  My bones have started hardening too so I’ve been trying out a few acrobatic moves.  I’m just a beginner but I’ve got the twist down and I just managed a front flip.  I may not look it at first glance but I’m a full two inches tall this week!

This week’s goal… reflexes.  I’m going to try a full body workout including finger bending, toe curling and eye muscle clenching.  I also have this strange desire to make a sucking movement with my mouth so I may work some on that as well.

Coming up next week I’m looking forward to my first trimester party.  Talk about about a big milestone!

(Note: Before you get excited about this photo you should know that it is not me.  We had a photo shoot planned but we ran into some technical difficulty when the photographer couldn’t find a good place for his lighting equipment.  We had to use this stock photography of a 12 week old instead.  I do sincerely apologize and I’ll try to publish some new photos soon.)