My First Baby Picture

July 25, 2008

I keep hearing that you’ve got to be careful what you put on the internet so I wasn’t going to share this.  A future employer could google me one day and find this but I guess, seeing as this is my first ever picture, I’ll go ahead and share it.  Remember though, this isn’t my best side.  My eye is a little more fully formed on my left side so I generally prefer to be shot from that angle. (full resolution)

Hello world!

July 24, 2008

Sorry I’ve kind of been a slacker so far.  I’m almost 10 weeks old and I’m just now getting around to setting this up.  From now on I’ll try to update you a little more often than every 10 weeks.  I’d tell you more about how life is treating me so far but it is a little tough typing since I just formed fingers and they are still kind of webbed.  I hear there are some pictures of me but I don’t think they got me from my good side.  Maybe I’ll put them up here sometime soon anyway. 

Ok, gotta go.  I’ve still got some work to do tonight.  I’m supposed to be growing the start of my baby teeth.  (I don’t want to mess that up or I’ll end up looking like I hillbilly from West Virginia when I grow up.)