A Note from Jack

April 28, 2012

Believe it or not, Jack may have had some help with his blog to this point.  It was tough for him to type it all out in utero and for the first couple of years.  After a long hiatus though, he’s back.  And this time, the content is all him.  His little sister is due in a few days so we’re setting up a new family blog.  He’s old enough now (and talks more than enough!) to share some thoughts of his own.  So here is a message directly from Jack’s lips (I helped type):

I have a baby coming soon.  She is going to be a girl.  I think her name should be Cindy Lou Who.  I think that is funny.  (giggle, giggle)  I want to be a big brother.  When my sister comes, I want to give her a mobile.  I hung it with my daddy.  She is coming on May 9th (note from dad…actually, she’s coming no later than May 3rd…but Jack goes by her original due date).  I’m so excited!

I Just Turned Two!!!

February 24, 2011

At about 10:30 tonight I officially two years old!  Can you believe it.  It seems like only yesterday I was only one…well I guess it was yesterday.

For those of you checking, I have obviously not been posting much.  I’ve been a little busy practicing my colors and numbers, learning my ABCs, and even learning to take a shower.  So many things for a boy my age to work on.  However, I’m not exactly a hermit.  If you really want to keep up with me you can check out some highlights from every one of my 24 months in my web photo albums.  You can also check me out in all of my glory at my official YouTube page

Maybe one day I’ll end up posting a little more often like I once did but man I did I have it easy back then.  It’s simple to post every day when all you do is eat, sleep, drool and…well we’ll leave it at that.  I’ll close with a little clip from my evening with mom and pops.  We had us a little pizza and I watched what what essentially my first movie, a little flick called Madagascar.  I lauged through the whole thing.  Two toddler thumbs up!

The Day the Music Died

January 25, 2010

Climb the Highest Mountain

January 17, 2010

I went on a little expedition today.  I’ve been working on my mountain climbing skills for the last week or so.  Seeing as we don’t have many mountains in the flatlands of central Illinois I’ve had to settle for our stairs.  I started slow but I’ve really hit my stride in the last day or two.  Today I made it all the way to the summit of Mt. Ourbasementstairs.  It was trecherous but the view from the top was spectacular (and the yogurt melt trail snacks weren’t bad either).

Here are some of my journey highlights:

#10 Swings, Slides and Everything Else

January 1, 2010

For my final 10 for 10 post, recapping a few  highlights from the past few months (mainly the ones that have the best video/pics) I thought I’d just show you a few fun clips of me playing.  That’s right.  I’m getting old.  I can play now.  I know, I know.  I probably shouldn’t get too cocky.  I’ve only been to a playground a couple of times but I can tell already…I’m going to be good.  Of course, I’ve been good in my own swing for a long time now:

But late this fall my horizons were broadened to include all kinds of other fun playground paraphernalia.  I’ve tried several other types of swings, some slides and lots of other fun stuff. 

Dear Local Playgrounds,

Look out this spring.  The Jack Man is coming for you and you’ll never be the same again!

#9 Chef Jack

January 1, 2010

Like I’ve said before, there isn’t really much that I like more than eating. And I’m not too picky either. It can be anything from day old cheerios I find on the floor to the finest selections from Gerber, I love it all.

Because I love food so much I made a trek into the kitchen to see what I could discover and I found some awesome stuff! Apperently we have this stuff called tupperware. I know it’s technically not edible but I’ve really enjoyed chewing on it all the same. I just hope they don’t start making me do the dishes!

#8 Crawling

December 31, 2009

Those of you who know me well know that I am a pretty content guy.  Some might call it lazy (mom and dad…I’m looking at you) but I like to call it resourceful.  I’m just conserving energy.  Because of my “resourcefulness” I really didn’t crawl for a long time.  Instead I’d just sit/lay with or roll to the closest thing to me and play with that.  Recently though, my parents decided it was time for me to crawl so they did a little coercing with the one thing that I REALLY care to move for…food.  (By the way, that just makes sense.  Moving for food ensures that my energy will be replenished and it will therefore be worth my effort…duh!)

I can’t believe I’m posting this but my parents took a video of me right after I first crawled.  I’m so slim and trim that…well…I crawled out of my pants.  That’s right.  I’m just that fast.

Since my first time crawling was too fast for my pants to stay on, let alone to catch on video, my parents and I decided to shoot this little crawling session a week or so ago.  Here I am in all my HD bear crawling glory.